Transportation Program

The Transportation Program is offered to Club members only who have registered for the program.  Each day, transportation will be provided by BGCN, a partnership with Noblesville Schools, or a contracted charter service. 

Transportation fees will be assessed each semester and will be as follows: $75 fee per member for 1st and 2nd child, $50 per member for 3rd and each remaining child. Transportation fees will be assessed on a per semester basis and must be paid in full prior to being enrolled in the program.

Members who participate in the Transportation Program must obey all rules to ensure the safety of all being transported.  Members not abiding by the bus rules will be issued a consequence and will be communicated to the parent/guardian.  The Club has the right to remove a member from the program at any time for misbehavior. 

Special Thanks to all of the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville Sponsors